About Kristof Orts

Hello, my name is Kristof. I am an independent web designer from Belgium who loves pixels and code. Back in the day (2008), I studied Graphic Design in Antwerp. After graduating, I worked as an employee for several companies, which is where I got my experience and knowledge of design, CSS, HTML, JS and Drupal from.

I now reside in New York, splitting up my time between designing products, running, and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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Your project in 6 steps

We believe in creating products and ideas by instinct, derived from my own aesthetic tastes and personal beliefs about how a product should look and feel after studying the problem.

  • 1

    Project initiation

    Kick-off meeting to consider the goals and to sketch out the trajectory of the project’s phases. Creating strong briefs and estimating the scale of a potential project.

  • 2

    Analyzing requirements

    This phase will be used for user research, content strategy, usability and planning the integration process, and estimating key values in your project.

  • 3

    Information architecture and
    user experience design

    We’ll begin to figure out how the site will work. Within this phase, I will also do quick cycles of sketching and testing.
    The site will begin to take shape on paper.

  • 4

    Visual design and prototyping

    Here I’ll begin to develop a visual language that will express and support your interaction design. The site will continue to evolve in short cycles as new directions are tried, tested and accepted, rejected or modified.

  • 5

    Construction and testing

    This phase will overlap with the previous step. Here I will build the actual site, including the functionality and integration points that you’ll need for the final product.

  • 6

    Deployment and evaluation

    Even after deployment, we'll spend time looking at what’s working and what needs modification. The working website will continue to evolve and refine.

"If you can draw it, you can build it"

Besides designing I also enjoy


Apple products

Great music


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